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By | November 11, 2013


We had developed a unique app for kids so that they can enjoy their classical rhymes all in a new and interactive way-  that too with originally remixed music and fun activities.



To replace the traditional books and apps with a highly interactive and fun app for kids to enjoy their rhymes while they learn it too.

After a vivid research and a lot many discussion with our R&D and Content team, we jotted down some of the most famous rhymes that were very popular among the children. After the research was done, our work began. We started preparing a list of all the necessary features and functionality that would be added in the app. We decided upon giving the following activities:
-Learn to Draw
-Find Me
-Card Designer
-Color Me
-Spot the difference
-Put it together.


The effective use of color and graphics in children’s media is one of the most important aspects of design to ensure that you deliver optimal content and a memorable user experience to young users.

While most of our content and interactive elements in application employed graphic components and vibrant color combinations, the way in which the application combine these elements lead to a great user experience.

We preferred bold, primary colors and high contrasts in the graphic layouts of our iphone apps that would evoke exploration and discovery. We decided upon very colorful background illustrations, to create an immersive and exploratory experience for children.

We knew it was important to differentiate elements that are interactive and make it clear to children when they can tap, click, or interact with something. While it is vital to establish a visual hierarchy in expressing interactivity and, at the same time, convey a playful look and feel, our designers were cautious when using extra bold or extra thin letterforms, as well as drop shadows, italics, underlining, caps, and color. We tried using many fonts but finally we decided upon using the font “Clovis Cheury.” The font is not only simple but easy to read too.

photo 2  photo 4



It was important to maintain a visual hierarchy and emphasize elements that are interactive. To emphasize the theme of the app in the user interface, we introduced such elements, objects and textures that would make the app attractive, user friendly and highly interactive. We achieved this by making clickable or tappable elements bigger, adding subtle drop shadows or contour lines and using a broader color palette than the one we’ve used in the background graphics.

With wooden planks hung on the tree, colorful birds, little television and little characters on pumpkin parachutes, so styled accordingly that these engross the child keep him sticked to the screen for hours.

photo 1




The buttons and keys have an increased tappable area making it easier for the kids to navigate the app.

Narrations and bright colors guides the child to easily understand the tappable areas.

The visual hierarchy is clear. The navigation buttons, which directs them to the individual acitivity pages like, Quiz, Leran to Draw, Piano, etc designed as wood planks, does not confuse the child with the background elements.

 learn_to_draw                                      color_me




Every app needs a beautiful, memorable app icon that attracts people in the App Store and stands out on their Home screen.

The application icon was the most important icon for us to design. This is the place for the product identity, as well as a clear indication to the user of what the application does. The application icon is what the user opens to run your application.For the app icon, we knew we had to create something which is easily recognizable and brings out the very meaning of the app. So instead of cramming lots of different images into our icon we found a single element that captured the essence of our app and express that element in a simple, unique shape.

Hence, after sketching and trying a number of icon, we decided on an icon that represented both rhymes and music.




We completed the project in just a span of 6 weeks which was quite challenging to us.

With continuous and tedious efforts of our iPhone app developers and back-end team, we managed to realease the app and meet our deadline. Through rigorous checks and testing, we made sure that no bugs were left out.



The app was ready in just six weeks. We released it in App Store and were amazed by the results and over-whelming responses. It was quite popular among people within a few days.

We had also worked on version 1.0.3 and updated it with minor enhancements based on our user feedback.

In Teks, we love to come up with new and innovative ideas everyday and give the users the best.
Why don’t you get in touch with us and see what we can do for your company?

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